The MIP will feature 4 Centers of Excellence (COE):


These centers will work to commercialize technologies and collaborate to commercialize transdisciplinary enhanced products. This is a new approach to partnering.

Software development and both virtual and physical prototyping are essential to each COE.


The COE will consist of a spectrum of small and large companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies, all nurtured by appropriate service providers. Not all parts of the ecology will be located in the MIP; and not all parts of the ecology will be managed by the MIP.


The Minnesota Innovation Park, located adjacent to the University of Minnesota, is ideal for the established company to keep their finger on the pulse of innovation. Vet high quality talent year-round at an early stage by establishing a “skunkworks” that tasks students with live special projects; conduct joint projects with area businesses and academic partners; mentor emerging businesses; or conduct classes. Join a consortium of other companies looking to tackle problems within your industry; or work on technologies that will help you apply technologies from other industries to your products. In short, use the Minnesota Innovation Park as a source of innovation and an innovation test bed.